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Electric Tools Crossword Puzzle

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Electric Tools

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Across Down
1 a narrow or pointed end, especially of something long or thin
3 to be convenient or appropriate for someone
4 a piece of furniture that is fixed in its place and is considered part of the building, and so you do not take it with you when you move
5 the part of a vehicle or machine where the switches and other instruments are found
6 left somewhere with no way of going anywhere else
8 material used for preventing heat, cold, noise, or electricity from passing through something
10 a projecting piece by which something is connected, supported, or lifted
11 a place on a wall where you can connect electrical equipment to the power supply
1 to force something out of its original shape by bending it or turning it around
2 apply a lubricant to
4 an electric light that you hold in your hand and point at things
5 used for showing that one number or amount is added to another
7 a long narrow hole that you can fit something into
9 a substance that leaves signs of where it has been, for example as it passes through someone’s body
12 a vertical member made of timber, steel, etc, that is used with others to construct the framework of a wall
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