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Electrical Theory Crossword Puzzle

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Electrical Theory

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Across Down
6 An out of __________ tag protects equipment.
7 If the total resistance is lower that the lowest resistor the circuit is cnnected in ______.
9 The AQF is a system for arranging vocational _________.
10 An example of a private training provder is College of Electrical ________
11 Effective _____________ is essential in industry.
12 Dissipated power is measured in this unit
13 We work under the __________ health and safety regulations.
14 In WA electricians must abide by the WA Electrical ___________.
15 The magnetic protection of a circuit breaker provides _______ circuit protection.
18 An RTO is a Registered Training ____________.
20 NECA is the National Electrical Contractor's __________.
23 If the total resistance is the addition of each resistor the circuit is cinnected in ______.
24 An RCD protects people by monitoring the _________ current.
25 To present yourself to an employer you provide them with your ________.
26 These people will vouch for you in your resume.
1 If we multiply the current by the resistance of a circuit we can calculate ____.
2 Qualifications and skill sets make up Training _________.
3 This flows when a potential difference is applied to a lamp
4 Qualification consist of units of ______________.
5 Resolving conflicts is achieved by Industrial ______.
8 We have looked at careers, roles and responsiblities in the _____________ inustry.
12 AS/NZS3000:2000 is commonly known as the _________ rules.
16 A _________ tag provides personal protection.
17 The opposition to current flow is called ___________.
19 Before working on any electrical equipment it must first be___________.
21 Test before you ________.
22 The thermal protection of a circuit breaker provides _________ protection
27 The government body that regulated elecrical workers is Energy ________.
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