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Electricity Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 Units measured by an ammeter.
5 The wire in a 3-pin plug which is coated with a green and yellow insulating material.
7 These organs can be broken if electricity flows through the human body.
9 A safety device connected into a circuit to melt and cut off the current if the circuit is overloaded.
14 Particle in the nucleus of an atom which has no electrical charge.
15 An example of static electricity which can occur between clouds.
17 Incredibly tiny parts of an atom which orbit the nucleus.
19 The charge carried by an electron.
21 Units measured by a voltmeter.
22 The central part of an atom where the protons and neutrons are located.
25 Particle which carries a negative electrical charge.
26 Restricts the flow of electrons so is used for volume and temperature controls.
29 We need to check that this is not blocked when we give first aid to an injured person.
32 Measures the energy possessed by electrons in a circuit.
34 A circuit component which can turn the current on and off.
36 A method of generating electricity by harnessing the Sunís energy.
37 Electricity can cause these injuries to our bodies because it is very hot at high voltage.
1 Where water can be stored to provide gravitational potential energy to generate electricity.
3 The charge carried by a proton.
4 A complete, unbroken electric pathway.
6 Counts the number of electrons in a circuit.
8 What a voltmeter measures by comparing what goes into a component with what comes out.
10 Electricity which can be produced on insulators by friction.
11 Material (metal) used to make light bulb filaments
12 Particle in the nucleus of an atom which carries a positive electrical charge.
13 Another word we use for a light or lamp.
16 A method of generating electricity by using heat produced by the Earthís mantle.
18 A chemical store of electricity.
20 What like charges do to each other.
23 A way of connecting components in the circuit one after another.
24 A metal which is an excellent conductor of electricity.
27 A way of connecting components in the circuit so they each receive the same amount of energy.
28 What unlike charges do to each other.
30 A material which is an excellent insulator.
31 A small particle which is made of electrons, protons and neutrons.
33 A group of materials which are excellent conductors because their atoms can pass electrons from one to the next.
35 A renewable method of generating electricity using turbines positioned in windy places.
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