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Electricity Crossword Puzzle

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a fun game to test your knowledge!

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Across Down
1 ohms law
7 allows electrons to flow in a circuit
8 unit for resistance
11 equipment that can detect charges and become charged
12 the possibility of accomplishing something
13 determines how much electricity flows through a circuit.
14 materials that electrons can easily move within
15 transferring electrons from a charged object to a neutral object
16 the ability of slowing the movement of electrons
19 negatively charged subatomic particle
20 the flow of electrons around a circuit
22 materials electrons don't easily move within
24 a circuit in which there's only one path that the electrons can flow through
25 detects high current in circuits that have the potential to cause a fire
2 charging an object using your hand and a charged rod
3 a circuit in which there's multiple paths the electrons can flow through
4 rubbing two neutrally charged objects together to exchange electrons
5 measures potential difference across a circuit
6 the component that provides power
9 unit used to measure potential difference
10 changes electrical energy into other forms of energy
11 the study of static electricity
17 international system of measurements
18 unit the measures current
21 multiple cells working together
23 electrons jumping through the air after being built up in an object
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