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Electronics Puzzle Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Electronics puzzle

                  M   J                                
                  O   O                                
                  R   U     F           I     R        
                  S I L V E R   D   R   M   P E R I O D
                  E   E     E   E   E   P     C        
                            Q   C   S   E     T   G    
                            U   I   I   D   B I N A R Y
                            E   B   S   A     F   I    
                D   A   P   N   E   T   N     I   N    
        S   P   I   N   O S C I L L O S C O P E        
        I   O   G   A   T   Y   S   R   E     R        
        M U L T I P L I E R                            
        P   A   T   O   N                              
    N   L   R   A   G   T H E R M O C O U P L E        
D I O D E   I   L       I                              
    I   X   T           O                   I          
    S       Y   B       M U L T I P L E X I N G        
    E           A       E                   D          
            C O N D U C T A N C E   B   C   U          
            O   D       E           A   U   C          
            U   W     T R A N S I S T O R   T          
            L   I     O   S   E     T   R   I          
            O   D     R   C   R     E   E   V          
            M   T     O   I   I     R   N   E          
            B   H     I   I   E     Y   T              
                      D       S                        
Across Down
6 the color that represents ten percent tolerance for a resistor
9 one divided by frequency is the formula for finding the ___
11 base two number system
17 instrument for viewing signals in the frequency domain
18 third band on a resistor using four band color code
20 two dissimilar metals that use heat energy to produce a small current
21 the main components used in a rectifier circuit
24 the process of transmitting two or more signals simultaneously on a single channel
25 the reciprocal of resistance
28 this device can be either npn or pnp
1 this type of code uses dots and dashes
2 a watt is the electrical energy expended at a rate of one ___ per second
3 the number of cycles of a repetitive wave occurring in a given time period
4 ____ is the total opposition a circuit offers to ac current flow at a given frequency
5 this type of circuit is used to change the ac power into pulsating dc
7 the gain or attenuation of a circuit is usually expressed in
8 Mr ohm married Mrs ohm because he couldn't what
10 if the output signal has a greater amplitude than the input signal it has
12 a type of signal that changes in steps or incrementally
13 the a in DAC
14 a three terminal resistive device used as a voltage dividing component
15 simple one way communication
16 the relative electrical charge of one point in a circuit with reference to another pont
19 signal interference
22 two times pi times f times L is the formula for what kind of reactance
23 the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum occupied by a signal
25 a flow of one ____ per second equals one ampere
26 a ____ uses the chemical energy in its cells to create voltage
27 ____ is the same throughout all parts of a series circuit
28 type of transformer that is doughnut shaped
29 american standard code for information interchange
30 any circuit having only one path for current flow is called a ___circuit
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