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Elements AS Money Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Elements As Money

                                      E U R O P I U M
                    A               B R O N Z E      
                    L     F             N            
                    C     L A N T H A N I D E S      
                    O     U             U            
                  K A L G O O R L I E   M            
                          R                 F        
                P A U L H E R O U L T   R H O D I U M
            S             S                 O        
            I             C H A R L E S H A L L      
        C A L A V E R I T E                 S        
        E   V             N                 G O L D  
B R A S S   E     I S A A C N E W T O N     O        
        I   R         L   E   L   E         L        
        U             U       E   L         D        
        M             M       C   L                  
                      I       T   U                  
                      N       R   R                  
                      U       U   I                  
                      M       M   U                  
Across Down
2 Element used in paper money ink as a anti-counterfeiting tool.
4 Metal alloy that can have multiple ratios of elements and has a metallic brownish color.
6 Group of the Periodic table that cannot absorb incoming light or heat effiently.
7 World's largest gold producer; surrounded Hannan's Find.
9 Shares the credit for discovering the process of extracting pure aluminum with Charles Hall.
10 Ounce by ounce, the most valuable element you can buy
12 The 'Aluminium Boy Wonder' who found cheap way to exract aluminum.
13 Rocks that were thrown out because they were blieved to be trash but actually held 500 oz of gold per ton.
14 Whatever King Midas touched would turn into this precious metal.
15 Metal alloy of zinc and copper.
16 scientist who derived theory of gravity and worked as master of the Royal Mint of England.
1 Glenn Seaborg suggested this element to have monetary value because of its value in nuclear applications.
3 shortened named of the Aluminum Company of America.
5 Emission of light that involves whole molecules.
8 Name for iron pyrite, a metal that looks like gold.
11 In the Original Wizard of Oz,Dorothy wore ___ slippers, not ruby.
13 Element that sparks when struck and is used in cigarette lighters.
17 Metal that was once so precious that the USA placed a 6 inch pyramid of it on top of the washington monument.
18 The first coin money that was a silver-gold alloy.
19 The only element that can bond with gold.
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