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Elements OF A Short Story Crossword Puzzle

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Elements of a Short Story

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Across Down
6 I like using the words I, me, and my...call me selfish I don't care!
7 I usually like settling things.
8 I make conflict worse.
9 I'm what happens when characters talk to each other.
13 We are the heart of the story because we love to take part in the action.
14 I know everyone and everything that happens in the story.
15 I like introducing characters and their problems.
1 You've heard of me...I fight with myself, someone else, society, even nature.
2 I don't belong to one particular culture. I...am...timeless.
3 I'm very exclusive, I only like to focus on the thoughts and feelings of one character.
4 I tell you when and where the action will be...
5 I tell the story, but I ain't part of it..no way!
6 I am what comes after the intense party or the big fight.
10 I like order...things must have a beginning, middle, and maybe and end.
11 I am super intense....
12 I'm a walking contradiction.
16 I am deep because I always leave you messages or insights about life.
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