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Elements OF A Short Story Crossword Puzzle

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Elements of a Short Story

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Across Down
6 point of view that uses 'I'
8 when the writer tells the reader what a character is like
10 Man vs. man or man vs. nature
11 point of view that only tell the story from one person's point of view, he, she, they etc.
13 when a person says one thing but means another
14 does not change during the course of the story
15 presents an event that occurred earlier in the story
16 the act of creating a character
17 shows only one character trait
18 the time and location of a story
20 Man vs. himself
21 the godlike or all-knowing point of view
23 shows multiple character traits
24 something that represents both itself and something else
25 the central insight of a story
26 when the situation turns out differently than the reader expects
27 changes during the course of the story
1 something that stands in the way of solving the story
2 has the central role in a story
3 the vantage point from which the story is told
4 character that is conflict with the main character
5 a quality that makes the reader want to keep reading to find out what happens next
7 when the writer show the reader what a character is like through actions, dialogue, etc.
9 something is different than it appears to be
12 when the reader knows something that the characters don't know
19 a series of related events
22 hints or clues about events that happen later in the story
28 the problem or struggle in a story
29 the turning point in the story
30 provides background information about characters, conflict, and setting
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