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Elements OF Design Crossword Puzzle

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Elements of Design

  3               4                        
        6   7                              
10 11   12                                   13
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Across Down
3 the amount of hue used
6 elements of design that are centered or evenly divided both vertically and horizontally
8 off-center alignment created with an odd or mismatched number of elements
9 a chart used to choose colors in desktop publishing publications
10 negative or space empty of any color
14 repeat some aspect of the design throughout the entire layout
18 with radial designs the elements radiate from or swirl around in a circle or spiral path
1 a hue + white, makes it lighter
2 refers to the lightness or darkness of the hue
4 the spot the eye first sees when looking at a page layout
5 evokes emotion, evokes action, attract attention, and detract attention
7 refers to the size, ' heaviness', and space of an object.
11 a color
12 an effect applied to be a background or as the fill for an object
13 a hue + black, makes it darker
15 grouping elements to demonstrate their relationship to each other
16 pattern eye follows when scanning a page
17 often used in logos but can be used in many different ways Ex: geometric, natural, abstract
19 powerful but simple method of enhancing a publication
20 use of big and small elements, black and white text, squares and circles Ex: adds appeal
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