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Elements OF Drama Crossword Puzzle

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Elements of Drama

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Across Down
7 allows viewers to believe in the events of the story, even though they know the play is artificial
8 a speech in which a character, alone on stage, reveals private thoughts that the audience is allowed to overhear
9 instructions about how the play should be performed
11 a struggle posed by a character’s own beliefs, thoughts, or feelings
12 multi-dimensional; have many qualities
13 unchanging; remain the same
16 one-dimensional; have only one quality
18 has a happy/positive ending
19 the single main character
21 a struggle against an outside force
26 a personality or voice that comments on but does not participate in the story
27 acts are often divided into these
28 a brief remark a character makes to the audience rather than to other characters
29 a deeper meaning or insight about life
1 a long, uninterrupted speech delivered by a character to other characters on stage
2 character’s spoken words
3 text of the story
4 occurs during the point of greatest tension between the characters
5 basic units of organization in a drama
6 a struggle or problem that propels the sequence of events
7 change and grow
10 a group of observers who were part of the play but not part of the story
14 author of a play
15 the sequence of events
17 a play, a story written to be performed by actors on stage or in a film
20 author of a play
22 traces the downfall of the main character
23 leads to the conclusion of the play
24 the character who opposes the main character or either creates or adds to the conflict
25 personalities who take part in the action of the story
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