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Elements OF Fiction Crossword Puzzle

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Elements of Fiction

Read carefully and solve!

                        1           2               3    
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                                9                     10  
Across Down
7 Only one character is telling the story.
8 This is similar to a hypothesis. A prediction of what will happen next.
11 A story is being told by a narrator not in the story.
12 The words characters speak to each other in the story.
14 This is third person focusing on several characters thoughts and feelings.
15 The character who is the villain.
16 A person, animal, or imaginary creature in the story.
17 To examine material closely to understand it better.
18 This is why the story was written.
19 The character seen as the hero.
20 The vantage point that the author tells the story.
1 The category or type of literate that a story is classified.
2 An object that represents something else.
3 The way voices sound in writing that live in different areas.
4 The sequence of events in a story.
5 The time and place in which the story occurs.
6 the story is in third person and only focus on one characters thoughts
9 How does the story make you feel?
10 Odysseus wanted you to learn 'to never give up'-ex. of what?
13 The special way that an author uses words to express their ideas.
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