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Elements OF Poetry Crossword Puzzle

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Elements of Poetry

Read the definitions and write the correct term

                      1 2                          
                    3           4                  
7     8                         9                  
                13               14                  
    15                       16                 17    
    18                                 19            
      21         22                                  
                          24     25                  
              26     27                              
Across Down
1 words that share a vowel or consonant sound
5 who speaks in the poem
6 indirect comparison uses the words like or as
9 is a pattern that forms a beat
11 repetition of a vowel sound
12 a pattern identified with minor, capitals or numbers
13 a word whose sound imitates the meaning
15 poem tells a story
18 poem read downward
20 creates a mental image using the representation of 5 senses
22 consonant sound repeated at the beginning
23 two lines that rhyme poem
26 repetition of a consonant sound
28 group of words together
29 a line in a poem
2 exaggeration
3 use to preach some kind of a moral lesson
4 poem creates a picture
7 four line poem
8 writing distinguished from poetry looks like an everyday speech
10 human qualities given to something non human
14 poem celebrates or praises something
16 rhythmical pattern
17 writer's attitude toward the subject
19 five line poem
21 readers feeling
24 written in 3 lines, 5-7-5
25 a direct comparison
27 group of lines arranged together
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