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Elements OF Poetry Crossword Puzzle

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Elements of Poetry

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Across Down
6 is language expanded beyond its usual literal meanings.
8 exaggeration
10 is a figurative language in which poets give an animal, object, or idea human qualities, such as the ability to hear, feel, talk, and make decisions.
11 is the use of words that imitate the sounds they describe.
12 is the use more then once of any element of language.
14 the musical quality.
16 Is the repetition of sounds at the beginnings of words.
17 is the repetition of identical onstant sounds that are preceded by different vowel sounds.
18 is poetry written without a regular rhyme scheme, meter, or form.
19 means placing a sentence element out of its normal position.
1 something with which the reader is likely to be familiar.
2 A group of lines in a poem set off by blank lines.
3 a comparison between two unlike things using the words like or as.
4 is language that appeals to the five senses.
5 the attitude the writer takes toward the audience, the subject, or a character.
7 is a reptition of words that have the same ending sound and a repeated regular pattern of rhymes usually found at the ends
9 is the feeling created by a poem or story.
13 is a direct comparison between two unlike things.
15 is a poem that directly expresses the speaker's thoughts and emotions.
20 something that stands for something else.
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