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Elements OF Short Stories Crossword Puzzle

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Elements of Short Stories

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Across Down
6 Develops and grows during the course of the story
7 The perspective from which the story is told
8 Events following climax
10 Incident in story that begins the rising action
11 A character in the story is the narrator
13 Shows many traits, including faults and values
14 Conversations among characters
15 A character that does not change or develop during the course of the story
17 Events that intensify the conflict
18 Story told with a narrator outside the story
1 Remaining issues are resolved; conclusion or insights are revealed by a narrator
2 Peculiar to or characteristic of the style or manner of a particular group of people
3 Background on the characters and situation
4 Highest point of story tension at which the outcome of the conflict is revealed.
5 Expressions that have meanings different from the meaning of the words contained in the expression
9 Where and when the story takes place
12 This kind of character shows only one trait
16 The underlying meaning or message of the story
19 A special form of a language spoken by people in a particular region or group
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