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Elephant Run Crossword Puzzle

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Elephant Run

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Across Down
3 What is the last name of the author that wrote the book Elephant Run?
5 Where was Nick Freestone born?
7 What was Hilltop, Mya and Nick looking for to put on Hannibal?
9 What did Hilltop say that was always worse after the monsoon?
12 What is another word for an elephant rider, trainer or keeper?
15 When Nick was hiding in the river what was dead and caught on a branch?
16 What country was Nick and Mya supposed to go to by ship?
17 How many elephants did Nick see on Freestone Island?
18 What kind of poetry did Sergeant Sonji teach Nick?
19 What tool was used to loosen the bolts to look like an escape?
20 What job did Sonji have in Tokyo before the war?
22 Who helps Hilltop, Mya and Nick escape from Hawk's Nest?
26 What did Colonel Nagayoshi do to the Japenese soldier who killed Nang?
27 Who attacked the city of Rangoon?
28 What was Hannibal attacked by?
1 What did Indaw give to his sister Mya?
2 Who picked up Nick when he arrived in Burma?
4 Who did Bukong want to marry?
5 Who is Magwe's brother?
6 What did Nick's father give Nick that had belonged to Sergeant Major?
8 Who was Nang's grandfather?
10 To become novice monks what did Nick and Mya do to their hair and eyebrows?
11 What is Hilltop?
13 What did Magwe call the Japanese that did not keep their words to the Mahouts?
14 What did Bukong use to hit Nick?
15 What did Kin-Kin die from?
21 What did Mya get to help loosen the bolts on the grate?
23 What did Magwe and some of the mahouts blow up?
24 What did Hannibal have around his neck?
25 How did Nick's mother feel about Burma?
28 What kind of plantation does Nick's family own?
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