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Empires IN East Asia Crossword Puzzle

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Empires in East Asia

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Across Down
3 means 'supreme general if the emperor's army.'
4 the only woman to assume the title of emperor of China was?
6 What Chinese invention allowed printers to arrange blocks of individual characters in a frame to make up a page for printing?
7 What rulers built extensive city-and-temple complexes in what is now Cambodia?
9 The Mongol leader who fulfilled his grandfather's goal of conquering all of China was?
10 The Mongol leader who built a huge empire in Central Asia in the early 1200s was?
11 The Venetian trader who described Kublai Khan and the wonders of China to Europeans was?
12 The emperor who ruled China from 626 to 649, expanding the empire and strengthening the central government was?
14 A person who herds domesticated animals is called a?
1 Located in Cambodia, the largest religious structure in the world is?
2 A demanding code of behavior Samurai lived by
5 The period from mid-1200s to the mid 1300s during which the Mongols brought stability and law and order to much of Eurasia is called?
8 A class of powerful, well-to-do people is called?
13 the name of the Kinship groups Steppe nomads travled in.
15 bodyguards of loyal warriors.
16 What was Japan's earliest religon? based on respect for the forces of nature.
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