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Empowering Women Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Empowering Women

                                R         E   M     S                        
                                A         L   A     A                        
                                C         L   R     R                        
                                E         E   I     A                        
                                H         N   E     H                        
                                O         O   C     S                        
                                P   R     C   U     H                        
                                P   O     H   R     A                        
                        B       E   O     O   I     H                        
                      M A R G A R E T C H A S E S M I T H                    
                        E L I Z A B E T H B L A C K W E L L                  
                      V I C T O R I A W O O D H U L L   J                    
                        D                               A                    
                    M A R G A R E T H U G H E S         N                    
    A                   I                               E                    
    M   P E A R L B U C K                               E                    
    Y                   S                               S                    
    A   A     P       D O L O R E S H U E R T A         P   M                
    C   M     O         N                               E   U                
    K   A     C         Z                 S A P P H O   N   R                
Q U E E N I S A B E L L A                         A     S   I                
    R   D     H         H A R R I E T B E E C H E R S T O W E                
        A     O         A                         R     N   L                
              N     M A R G A R E T S A N G E R   I         S A L L Y R I D E
              T         I                         E         I                
              A   E L L A F I T Z G E R A L D     T   J A N E G O O D A L L  
              S         S   L                     T         B                
                            L                     U     C L E O P A T R A    
                            Y                     B         R                
                            R                     M         T                
                            I                     A                          
                            A       O P R A H W I N F R E Y                  
Across Down
7 This woman was the very first female to serve in Congress, both in the House Of Representatives and the Senate.
8 This educated lady was the first woman to be awarded a Medical Degree by an accredited University (Geneva College). She later went on to found a woman's medical institution.
9 First woman to be nominated and campaign for the U.S. presidency. She was nominated by the Women's National Equal Rights Party. She and her sister were also the first two female stockbrokers on Wall Street.
11 She is often credited as the first professional actress on the English stage. She is the main character of Diana Norman's historical novel, The Vizard Mask (1994). She is depicted as a stuttering American Puritan, Penitence Hurd.
13 Due to her books about American and Asian culture, she was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.
16 A spokesperson for the rights of workers, she helped create the National Farm Workers Association. Among other issues, she has fought for the right to a minimum wage, unemployment insurance, paid holidays, and retirement benefits for farm workers
18 This Greek poet is considered one of the most important in Western civilization. In addition to creating the 'Sapphic stanza,' which consists of three long lines of poetry coupled with one short line, she also invented an instrument.
20 This woman, along with her husband, King Ferdinand II, made many improvements to Spain through unification including reducing crime and debt.
21 This author, who is most known for writing 'Uncle Tom's Cabin', made history when she began speaking out about the atrocities of slavery.
22 This woman made huge strides in making birth control available to everyone. She also founded the organization that eventually became Planned Parenthood Federation of America.
23 The first American woman in space was also the youngest American astronaut ever to orbit Earth.
24 Considered one of the greatest jazz singers of all time, she was the winner of 12 Grammy Awards and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
26 The work that this woman did on primates (chimpanzees, particularly) has changed the way science views their species and has been studied by many organizations.
27 She became Queen Of Egypt very young and was the last pharaoh. She spoke nine languages and helped align Egypt with the Roman Empire.
28 An actress and the host of a highly successful talk show, she has won several Emmy Awards. She has started her own TV production company and invested in media projects. She has also been a spokesperson for women's health and family issues.
1 A computing trailblazer, she invented one of the first easy-to-use computer languages, which was a big advance in the field of computer programming.
2 This astronaut and researcher took a trip into space in 1993 as a Mission Specialist with the Discovery crew. She is the first Hispanic woman to be named an astronaut and has logged over 500 hours in space.
3 This physicist was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize she actually won it twice and the first woman to earn a doctorate in Europe. Her investigations led to the discovery of radioactivity as well as the element radium.
4 This actress played a regular on a show about lesbian relationships, aiding in acceptance of the LGBT lifestyle. More recently, she has been seen in 'Person Of Interest' as the lovable sociopath Shaw.
5 This character from the show 'Person Of Interest' is best known for her hacking skills and connection to The Machine. She's also good with a gun.
6 One of the greatest athletes of all time, she won track and field gold medals at the 1932 Olympics, played professional basketball, and was a founding member of the Ladies Professional Golf Association.
10 When it comes to women empowerment in television, this writer is ahead of her time. She has worked on shows such as Dollhouse, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Once Upon A Time, Husbands and more.
12 This actress has shattered gender stereotypes by playing a demon goddess, a trained assassin, an imprinted doctor and many other powerful and multi-layered women. She's the bee's knees.
14 I made this puzzle! We met in Denver. I haven't made history, but I try to do all I can in order to make this world a better place. Can you remember my screen name?
15 This Native American Princess helped establish peace with the Pilgrims by saving the life of Captain John Smith, leader of the Jamestown Colony.
17 Her advanced understanding of banking and finance led her to the first seat owned by a woman on the New York Stock Exchange. She created the Siebert Philanthropic Program, which lets investors help charities in their own communities.
19 This abolitionist was born a slave. She eventually became a 'conductor' on the Underground Railroad a system developed by a secret group of free blacks and sympathetic whites to help runaway slaves get to free northern states.
25 This demon goddess or 'Old One', outlived her kingdom and found a human vessel in a woman named 'Fred'. She is a valuable asset to the Angel universe (even though we all really miss Fred).
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