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Enamel Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 Cavity in enamel from demineralization
6 Only in mature enamel, perpendicular to rods
7 Slight ridges running mesiodistally in cervical 1/3, associates with Lines of Retzius
9 1st notes before caries as rougher and whiter as result of slight surface demineralization in pits and grooves
10 Process of enamel matrix formation occurring during apposition sage
11 Vertical sheets through enamel matrix from variety of causes
12 Small hypocalcified areas near the DEJ, where odontoblastic process are trapped in enamel
16 Abnormal growth of enamel from number of causes
1 Bundles of hypocalified rods extending from DEJ into enamel
2 Chemical loss of enamel
3 Enamel loss as result friction by excessive brushing or abrasive toothpaste
4 Hardest calcified tissue in the body
5 Crystalline Formation of mature enamel consists of...
8 Localized mass in cervical 1/3, from misplace ameloblast
10 Wearing away of hard tissue as result of tooth-to-tooth contact
12 Crystalline structural unit of enamel
13 Responsible for laying down of enamel matrix, projections from ameloblasts
14 Amelogenesis not turned off after enamel crown laid down, when enamel organ continuously produces enamel over root dentin
15 Applied to strengthen and protect enamel
17 Applied as soon as teeth erupt and before decay to prevent nutrient supply from the cavity causing bacteria
18 Enamel loss caused by tensile and compression forces
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