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Ender's Game Characters Crossword Puzzle

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Ender's Game Characters

                                1             2                    
                            3                       4              
                5                 6       7       8                
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        14             15                                            
                21   22                                              
                  26                 27                              
                    29     30   31   32           33                    
Across Down
1 British student who leads 'C' toon in Dragon army
5 Fillipino student who leads 'A' toon in Dragon army, found it hard to accept that Bean was smarter than him.
8 Commander of Rabbit army
10 Nicknamed Hot Soup,student of China,Leader of 'D' toon in dragon army.
11 Leader of 'B' toon in Dragon army.
15 Lover of Petra,Killer of Poke,Sister Carlotta,and Ullysses,Grew up on the streets,Kills anyone who sees him as helpless.
16 the Queen of the central consciousness of the Buggers
18 Second-in-Command of Graff in Battle School,and is a psychologist who looks after the Battle School students
19 Sociopath as a child,current husband of Petra, father of five,and became Hegemon of the Earth.
22 Decived into destroying the Buggers, Father of Peter-Ender Wiggin, and Valentine Wiggin
23 Bean's wife(divorced), then Peter Wiggin's wife,mother of fourteen children,only girl in Salamander(In the movie)
25 Former husband of Petra,first to have Anton's key,Achilles' mortal enemy,divorces Petra for her own sake.
26 Ender's sister,Wife of Jakt,Middle child, and known as Demosthenes.
28 Bean's brother,Major character in Ender's Shadow.
29 a Catholic nun who works as a recruiter for Battle School, was killed by Achilles, and took in Bean
2 Discovered that the Buggers are a hive mind, Hero of the second invasion
3 Accidentally killed,Commander of Salamander,known as Benito.
4 Bean and Petra's ninth child,Renames himself Arkanian Delphiki, after his true parents.
6 Toon leader in Rat army(in the book),and toon leader in salamander(in the movie), and is Dutch
7 Principal of Battle School, later appointed Minister of Colonization
9 Ender broke his arm on the space shuttle,picked on Ender and Shen, but his clique broke when Ender and Alai became friends.
12 Commander of Leopard army.
13 Bean's Uncle,later imprisoned for his illegal experiments.
14 Battle School graduate from India, tries to suduce Peter but fails, then seduces Alai and marries him,
15 Bean and Petra's child,named after Ender Wiggin, determined to find a cure for Anton's Key.
17 Achilles kills her, after kissing her, by stabbing her in the eye and then throwing her in the Rhine
20 Commander of Griffin army
21 Leader of 'E' toon in Dragon Army
24 Ender's first friend in Battle School,Japanese student,explained to Bean why everyone loves Ender.
27 Only girl in Dragon army
29 Killed by Ender unintentionally,because he decided to gang up on Ender.
30 Commander of Tiger Army
31 Commander of Rat army,Jewish,is very unorganized
32 Named after his discovered genetic modification, Anton's Key
33 One of the first to befriend Ender, Elected Caliph of Muslims,back on Earth
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