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Endocrine System Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Endocrine System

Endocrine System Terms & Definitions

                    N   P   M   P T H       G  
            K       E   A   Y   R     S     O  
            I       G   N   X   O X Y T O C I N
        M E D U L L A   C   E   L     E     T  
            N       T   R   D   A     R     E  
            E       I   E   E   C     O     R  
            Y       V   A   M   T     I        
          M   H O M E O S T A S I S   D        
          S   Y                 N              
A C T H   H Y P O P H Y S I S                  
      U       O                                
      M E L A T O N I N                        
G E N E       H                                
      R       A C R O M E G A L Y              
  T R A C T   L                                
      L     C A L C I T O N I N                
              M             O                  
          D I U R E T I C   D                  
              S     H       I                  
                    Y       N                  
                    R       E                  
              S E C O N D                      
Across Down
4 Parathyroid hormone.
8 The 'cuddle hormone'.
9 Adrenal region that secretes epinephrine and norepinephrine.
11 Maintenance of a relatively constant internal environment.
12 Hormone that acts on the adrenal cortex.
14 Alternate name for the pituitary gland.
15 Hormone secreted by pineal gland.
16 Direct _____ activation is a mechanism of hormone action.
17 Disorder caused by excess GH secretion in adulthood.
18 Hypothalamo-hypophyseal ____ .
19 Hormone that decreases blood calcium level.
21 Middle word of ADH.
23 Peptide hormones act via the _______ messenger system.
1 Most hormonal control is by this feedback mechanism.
2 Secretes insulin and glucagon.
3 Facial swelling caused by hypothyroidism.
4 Stimulates productin by the mammary glands.
5 Caused by chronic overstimulation by TSH
6 Adrenal gland is located on top of this organ.
7 Hormone type derived from cholesterol.
10 Melanocyte stimulating hormone.
11 Produces two hormones that are stored in the posterior pituitary.
13 A stimulus caused by a substance in the blood or body fluid.
20 Mineral required for T3 and T4 synthesis.
22 Gland located anterior to the trachea.
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