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Endocrine System Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Endocrine System

                T   N                
                H   C                
                Y   R                
                M   E                
          P I T U T A R Y G L A N D  
          A     S   S                
          A D R E N A L G L A N D    
          H Y P O T H A L A M U S    
      E X O C R I N E G L A N D      
      E N D O C R I N E G L A N D    
          G                         H
P I N E A L G L A N D       T       O
          A                 H       R
        E N D O C R I N E S Y S T E M
          D   V             R   E   O
              A             O   S   N
              R             I   T   E
              I             D   I   S
              E                 E    
              S                 S    
Across Down
3 Produces hormones that regulate many of the other endocrine glands (located below the hypothalamus).
4 Releases epinephrine and norepinephrine, which helps the body respond to stress.
5 Makes hormones that control the pitutary gland (located above the pitutary gland).
6 Realeases their hormones, thorugh tubelike structures, directly to the organs that used them.
7 Realeses their hormones directly into the bloodstream.
9 Releases melatonin, which is involved in rhythmic activities.
11 System made up of glands that are responsible for the distribution of hormones.
1 Produces insulin and glucagon, which regulates the level of glucose in the body.
2 Releases thymosin during childhood.
3 Four glands that releases parathyroid hormones.
8 Chemicals released in the body that travel through the blood stream.
10 Produces thyroxine, which regulates metabolism throughout the body.
12 Produces estrogen and progesterone, which prepares egg for fertilization.
13 Produces testosterone, which produces sperm.
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