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Energy Transformations Crossword Puzzle

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Energy Transformations

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Across Down
3 Energy of radiant objects such as fire.
7 A bike has movement witch is a example of ____ energy.
10 In a light bulb, electrical energy changes to light energy. This is an example of an energy_____.
12 In an energy transfer, the same type of energy moves to a ___objects.
14 Law ____ of energy states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed in chemical reactions. It can be changed from one form to another.
16 Energy of appliances such as stereos and computers.
1 Energy possessed by the moving molecules of steam or any other substance.
2 Form of energy in food and dynamite.
4 Type of potential energy of objects at a height.
5 Type of potential energy of springs and rubber bands.
6 Type of energy that is stored.
8 Form of energy produced by musical instruments.
9 In an energy transformation, the object remains the ___ but the energy changes to different type.
11 ____ is also known as nuclear energy.
13 Thermal energy also known as ___.
15 Form of energy of nuclear reactions.
16 Ability to do work.
17 When cooking on a stove, the heat energy moves from the stove to the saucepan to the cooking food. This is an example of an energy ____.
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