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Engineering Crossword Puzzle

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Match the words.

        4         5                        
7                     8                    
                                10       11  
    13         14                            
Across Down
4 a worker who specializes in a particular occupation that requires work experience, on-the-job training, and often formal vocational education
6 Address problems relating to biology using engineering concepts
7 Design, develop electrical and electronic systems and products
9 Address environmental problems applying engineering principles
12 Engineering design process Specifications-(numbers) Constraints, Optimization, Trade-offs
13 Design, coordinate production Organize material handling processes
1 Research, development, design involved in chemical production
2 Design, test materials Find new ways to use existing materials Strength,Stress,Strain, Electricity
3 Use math, science, technology
5 Drawing and design skills, Interpersonal and communication skills
8 Design, construct public works projects Control natural resources Surveying and mapping
10 Design, develop, and test computer systems
11 Solve problems using knowledge and skills
13 design , build, maintain mechanical, thermal, and fluid system
14 Design, build, analyze, troubleshoot aircraft, spacecraft, and space planes
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