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Engineering Psychology Crossword Puzzle

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Engineering Psychology

    7 8                          
Across Down
3 The field of engineering psychology focuses on the relationship between ____ and products?
5 Engineering psychology focuses on improving and adapting technology and ____.
6 Lillian Gilbreth was an integral engineer who helped shape engineering ___.
7 Many engineering psychologists work in the ___ science field.
11 A course in college related to math that is necessary to complete for this field is ___.
12 To become an engineering psychologist, a person generally should go to ____ school.
1 This field minimizes the risks of accidents and ____ that can happen in a dangerous factory job.
2 The invention of ____ by engineers has helped take some of the pressure off factory workers. An example is Bender from Futurama.
4 Virtual ____ is a fairly new concept that engineering psychologists are exploring.
5 The field of ____ psychology originated in the area of experimental psychology.
6 The majority of engineering psychologists are employed in the ___ sector.
8 World War ____ was the introduction for psychologists to look into engineering and how it related to psychology.
9 An example of a product that an engineering psychologist might improve is a global positioning _____.
10 A specialty area in this field is human ___ psychology.
11 A starting ____ for an engineering psychologist is about $48,000 per year.
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