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Engines Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
4 a long metal bar in a vehicle’s engine that is connected to the wheels and changes power into movement
7 A small electric heating element in an internal-combustion engine that facilitates starting by preheating the air in a cylinder and is used especially in diesel engines.
8 the tube in an engine that a piston moves backward and forward
9 chemicals and other substances that have a harmful effect on air, water, or land
10 o press or squeeze something so that it fits into a smaller space
12 able to stay in good condition for a long time and after being used a lot
13 to make something start to burn
14 the movement of something in a circle around something else, either once or continuously
1 one of several parts on the outside of a wheel that fit into the holes in something such as a chain or a piece of film and pull or turn it when the wheel turns
2 gases or steam produced by an engine as it works
3 the part of a machine or piece of equipment that opens and closes in order to control the flow of air or liquid
4 An enclosure in which combustion, especially of a fuel or propellant, is initiated and controlled.
5 a substance such as oil, gas, coal, or wood that produces heat or power when it is burned
6 an oil reservoir in an internal combustion engine
11 to close a container or space by covering it with something so that air or other substances cannot get in or out
15 a hole or crack in an object or container that a liquid or gas comes out of
16 a loud or unpleasant sound
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