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English Civil War Crossword Puzzle

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English Civil War

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Across Down
5 The Royalists attacked their enemies here on June 14th
8 The first great battle of the Civil War
9 a law which said exactly what the government's power was
11 A parliamentarian and General of Horse
13 People published newspapers and pamphlets full of this to get others to support them.
14 When God was on your side when you won a war. Armies called it this.
15 Oliver Cromwell was once called 'Lord ________'
1 The New Model Army beat a large Royalist force at the Battle of _______
2 The New _______ Army was nationally organized and paid extreamely well.
3 A Parliament where members were nominated rather than elected
4 The Scots and two of parliaments armies beat Prince Rupert here
6 A special court made to try King Charles
7 The New Model Army won the second ________ war
9 The Rump set this up.
10 Re-enacted Christ's entry into the world on Palm Sunday
12 3rd Baron of Cameron
14 Colonel Pride organized an event that took place in 1648, it was called this
16 This Prince was once the most successful Royalist Army General
17 After the was the Presbyterians made a deal with Charles called this
18 The Presbyterians left over after Colonel Prides invasion were called this
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