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English Composition Crossword Puzzle

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English Composition

                    2         3            
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Across Down
3 to turn aside from the main subject of attention
8 the state of disagreeing;being at variance
10 flawless; without error
11 clear, expressive language; endowed with the power of speech
13 something that completes, makes up a whole, or brings to perfection
15 to make worse;aggravate;exasperate or irritate
18 happening at the same time as something else
1 unyielding;severe,strict, or harsh
2 to say or do again or repeatedly;repeat excessively
3 inequality or difference in some respect
4 to maintain;assert
5 reach the highest point or degree;to arrive at a final stage
6 a short narrative, usually of an interesting or amusing incident
7 warm and friendly, sincere
9 to participate or assist in a joint effort; to work with another, cooperate
12 unshakable or insistent, especially in maintaining a position
14 concise and clearly expressed;
16 harmful or unfavorable; acting or serving to oppose
17 the action of understanding, being aware of being sensitive to another's experience
19 characterized by excess; repetition
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