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Environmental Science Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Environmental Science

                F   W     E         L E A C H A T E            
                R   A     S   W       V                        
                E   S     A   A       A                        
                S   T     L   T   S U P E R F U N D            
                H   E     I   E       O                        
                W   S     N   R       R                        
                A   T     A   C       A                        
                T   R     T   Y       T                        
                E   E     I   C       I                        
          T H E R M A L P O L L U T I O N                      
            Y       M     N   E       N       C                
            D                                 O                
          P R I M A R Y T R E A T M E N T     N                
            A                                 D                
          M U N I C I P A L S O L I D W A S T E                
            L                                 N                
            I                                 S C R E E N I N G
        S E C O N D A R Y T R E A T M E N T   A                
  R         F                                 T                
  E         R                           A Q U I F E R          
  C       H A Z A R D O U S W A S T E         O                
  Y     W   C                                 N                
  C     A   T E R T I A R Y T R E A T M E N T                  
  L     T   U                                                  
B I O D E G R A D A B L E       S         G                    
  N     R   I                   O         R                    
  G     S   N O N P O I N T P O L L U T I O N                  
        T   G     O   N     R   I     R   U                    
        R         I   F     E   D     A   N                    
        E         N   I     C   W     N   D                    
        S         T   L     I   A     S   W                    
        S         P   T     P   S     P   A                    
                  O   R     I   T     I   T                    
    L A N D F I L L   A     T   E     R   E                    
                  L   T     A         A   R                    
                  U   I     T         T                        
                  T   O     I         I                        
                  I   N     O         O P E N D U M P          
                  O     R U N O F F   N                        
  C O M P O S T I N G                                          
Across Down
4 water that contains toxic chemicals dissolved from wastes in landfills
7 EPA sues for pollution cleanup and has funds to pay for abandon waste sites
8 dumping water into the river, lake or sea that is much higher or lower than original termperature
11 holds sewage in large containment vessel
12 trash produced by households and businesses
13 removes any trash or large objects from sewage stream
14 adds bacteria to decompose the dissolved organic matter
16 porous layer of sand, gravel or rock lying below the water table
17 solid, liquid, or gas waste that are toxic, corrosive or explosive
19 removal of nitrates and phosphates
20 material that can be broken down by living things
23 pollution with no specific area of discharge, unknown source
28 waste disposal facility where wastes are put in the ground, covered with dirt or plastic
29 unregulated dumps, mostly in developing countries
30 water moving downward over the land on the surface
31 yard waste, fruit and vegetable scraps decomposing naturally
1 removal of salt from ocean water
2 water on the surface in lakes, rivers of streams
3 municipal waster creation and disposal
5 change of liquid to gas
6 evaporation, condensation, precipitation, runoff
9 extraction of natural gas from rock that is not permeable
10 change of gas to liquid
15 reprocessing of discarded materials into new products
18 areas that consume more water than falls as precipitation
21 any discarded material that is not liquid or gas
22 largest available non-frozen source of fresh water
24 pollution from a specific known location
25 percolation through soil and into fractures and permeable rock
26 rain, snow, sleet or hail falling from the sky
27 evaporation from plants
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