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Essential Characteristics And Branches OF Robotics Crossword Puzzle

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Essential Characteristics and Branches of Robotics

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1 Is the goal for an autonomous robot to be able to construct (or use) a map or floor plan and to localize itself in it.
6 Is the technology of creating robots close to the scale of nanometers or a robot which allows precision interactions with nano scale objects.
8 Involves swarm robots that can communicate via markings, similar to ants that lay and follow pheromone trails.
11 A robot needs some kind of 'smarts.' This is where programming is necessary.
12 Is a sub-discipline of robotics focused upon emulating the mechanics, sensor systems, computing structures and methodologies used by animals.
13 is a technique used by robots and autonomous vehicles to build up a map within an unknown environment (without a priori knowledge), or to update a map.
15 Is a study of how to make robots that emulate or simulate living biological organisms mechanically or even chemically.
16 Is the science of developing and studying robots that are either entirely or in some way human-like.
19 Is the study of giving an illusion of being at a place without being there physically.
2 It is generally defined as the study and design of intelligent agents, where an intelligent agent is a system that tries to maximize its chances of success by taking into account its environment.
3 Study of motion, as applied to robots. This includes both the design of linkages to perform motion, their power, control and stability.
4 A robot needs to be able to move around its environment. Whether rolling on wheels, walking on legs or propelling by thrusters, a robot needs to be able to move.
5 Is the robot’s learning to perform tasks such as obstacle avoidance, control and various other motion-related tasks.
7 Is a new approach to the coordination of multirobot systems which consist or large numbers of mostly simple physical robots.
9 Is the use of robots in performing surgery. Three major advances aided by surgical robots have been remote, minimally invasive and unmanned surgery.
10 Is a field of miniature robotics, in particular mobile robots with characteristic dimensions less than 1 mm.
12 Is also known as biomimetic, biognosis, biomimicry, or bionical creativity engineering is the application of biological methods and systems found in nature.
14 Is the study of designing robot control mechanisms to allow robots to move efficiently.
17 The robot must be able to sense its surroundings.
18 Is a new branch for studying human and robot interaction based on the premise that a very humanlike robot (android) can produce human – directed social responses.
20 Is the act of using robots in biology or chemistry laboratories.
21 Is the science and technology of robots, including their design, manufacture, and application.
22 A robot needs to be able to power itself. A robot might be solar powered, electrically powered or battery powered.
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