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Euclidean Geometry Crossword Puzzle

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Euclidean Geometry

                                            3             4    
                        10                                     11
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Across Down
6 A never ending, continuous set of collinear points that is always straight with no thickness.
10 The place that two planes cross each other forms a line
12 Planes are flat, so exactly one plane can be draw through absolutely three non-collinear points.
13 The one and only point where two lines cross at.
14 One line can be drawn through absolutely two points because lines must be straight.
16 A segment, ray, or line that divides a segment at the midpoint.
17 The part of the angle that can normally be measured by a protractor. It is convex and between zero and one hundred eighty degrees.
18 Rays that have the same starting point that is between the other two points used in the rays to name them.
19 A figure which has at least one of its points lying off of its plane. Example- basketball
20 All angles measure between zero and one hundred eighty degrees. To find the measure of larger angles you need to add the measures of the linear pair inside of the larger angle.
22 A plane that contains points that are recognized as ordered pairs or real numbers.
25 Any line can be turned into a number line.
1 A figure where all of the points lie in the same plane. Example-piece of paper
2 Sets of points that all lie on the same level
3 A ray, line segment, or line that intersects the interior of an angle to form two angles of equal measure that use the sides of the angle.
4 A figure in which all of the points lie in a straight line and are collinear. Example-needle
5 A set of collinear points that includes all of the points in between the starting and ending points.
7 A figure where all of its points are the same distance from a given point on the circle, it is a two-dimensional figure.
8 set of points
9 You must have four points in order to draw a three dimensional figure. One of these points must be off of the plane.
11 The grouping of all of the accessible points in geometry.
15 A flat surface that has no physical features. It spreads out in all directions to the extent that can contain coordinates.
21 A point that is located one half of the way between the start point and the endpoint on a line segment.
23 An infinite number of points that are collinear with no end point but a start point.
24 A location in space that has no physical features. Due to this a point cannot be measured.
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