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Europe Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 A high land away from the coast of the country.
5 Someone who believes in more than one God or someone who has little or no religious beliefs.
7 Describing an economy that relies on providing services rather than manufacturing.
8 Period of Europe that began in Italy in the 1300s and lasted into the 1600sduring which art and learning flourished.
10 A large barrier built to keep out water.
11 Strong winds that blow from the west to the east.
12 Water that is somewhat salty.
13 The process by which a large, centralized government gives power away to smaller, local governments.
14 The process of refining ore to create metal
15 An area where river currents and ocean tides meet.
16 The process of becoming covered by glaciers.
20 Made up of many things that are the same.
23 A large fishing boat.
24 A narrow, U-shaped coastal valley with steep sides formed by the action of glaciers.
1 The sharp increase of the price of goods.
3 The mass killing of 6 million European Jews by Germany's Nazi Leaders during WWII.
4 A government in which the governmentcontrols the ways of producing goods.
5 A journey to a sacred place.
6 A system in which small farms were combined into huge, state-run enterprises with work done by mechanized techniques.
9 Title given to an emperor of Rissia's past.
14 A partly dry grassland often found on the edge of a desert.
17 The land reclaimed from the building of dikes and then draining the water from the land.
18 A time when many stores close and people loss their jobs.
19 The mass murder of people from a particular ethnic group.
21 Land that is dry and hot in the summer and wet and cool in the winter.
22 A farm laborer who could be bought and sold along with the land.
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