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Europe Pollution Crossword Puzzle

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Europe Pollution

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Across Down
6 The Rhine flowed through France, Germany,and __________ killing thousands of fish along the way.
7 _______pollution that is formed in one country and is capable of causing damage in another country’s environment
8 When they burn the __________, different chemicals are released into the atmosphere
9 10,000 to 15,000 cubic meters of water mixed with dangerous________ surged into the Rhine River.
10 . Estimated to be_____________ times the size of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima
11 When acid rain interacts with the human skin, it may develop ________ or get skin diseases
14 Between __________ and fifty-six people were killed from the immediate effects
17 Acid rain is produced when a chemical reaction that contains compounds like________ and nitrogen oxides are released into the atmosphere
19 At the Chernobyl power plant near Pripyat, Ukrain an explosion and fire in the number ____reactor that sent radioactivity into the atmosphere.
20 The accident occurred during a ____ to see how the power plant would function if it lost its power
1 __________ of people died from radiation- induced cancers.
2 At_______ 1, 1986, Warehouse 956 in the Sandoz Chemical company’s industrial compound near Basel, Switzerland, caught fire on the banks of the Rhine River
3 _________is precipitation that has high levels of acidity.
4 The Rhine flowed through ________, Germany, and Netherlands killing thousands of fish along the way.
5 The Rhine flowed through France,__________,and Netherlands killing thousands of fish along the way.
6 Power plants releases most of the sulfur dioxides and many __________.
12 operators attempted to reinsert rods to slow and control the nuclear reaction caused by the boiling water turning into_____, but a design flaw jammed the rods
13 On August 26, 1986, __________, Ukraine had the world’s worst nuclear accident.
14 After drinking milk from cows in the areas of Chernobyl, many children contracted with________cancer.
15 . The _________ absorbs water and makes it harder for the trees to obtain water.
16 The steam likely caused the explosion in the reactor afterwards, which in turn, caused another________seconds later.
18 A toxic________ flowed 900 kilometers down into the Baltic Sea.
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