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European Middle Ages Crossword Puzzle

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European Middle Ages

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Across Down
3 A group of missionaries of craftsmen during medieval times
5 Ideas that go against chuch teachings
7 The christians effort to take back the Iberian Peninsula
8 A person under the protection of the lord to whom he has vowed loyalty
9 Agreement between the pope and the ruler of a country
11 Hostility toward or discrimination to jews
12 A group of citizens that decides wether an accused person is innocent or guilty
13 A disease that killed millions of people
18 People who are sent by a religious organization to spread faith
20 Religious worship for catholic christians
1 The system, spirit or customs of medieval knighthood
2 A narrow inlet of the sea between cliffs or steep slopes
4 The system of service between a lord and vassals who have sworn loyalty to the lord.
6 A way of thinking that combined with faith and reason
10 The study of religious faith, practiced, and experience
14 A feudal estate belonging to a vassal
15 A mounted man-at-arms serving a feudal superior
16 A group of citizens that meets to decide wether people should be accused of a crime
17 The everyday spoken language of a region
19 Member of the peasant class tied to the land and subject to the will of the land owner
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