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European Middle Ages Crossword Puzzle

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European Middle Ages

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Across Down
1 Center of Catholic Church, Where the Pope lives
8 plague that spread across Europe from 1348-1351
11 Capital of the Byzantine Empire, center of Orthodox Christianity
14 time period from the Fall of Rome to the Renaissance; in Europe
15 religious man that travels to areas and tries to convert people
16 centered in Rome, and spread across Western Europe
20 Organization that looked for and punished non-Christians
23 to cast out from the church
25 warriors who fought on horseback
26 workers who were tied to the land they lived on
2 document listing rights that the king could not ignore
3 a knight who promised to support a lord in exchange for land
4 long series of wars between Christians and Muslims
5 Leader of the Catholic Church
6 Muslim General that retook Jerusalem
7 large estate owned by a knight or lord
9 long conflict between England and France
10 Military and Political Leader of a State or Nation
12 Religious ideas that oppose church teachings
13 Noble who gave land to knights
17 Bishops who get to choose the next Pope
18 Spanish effort to retake Spain from the Moors
19 region of Palestine, where Jesus lived and died
21 system of promises that governed the relationship between lords and vassals
22 Teenage girl who led French Troops
24 religious man who stays inside a monastery
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