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European Monarchs Crossword Puzzle

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European Monarchs

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Across Down
7 Russian landowners with conservative views.
8 Peter the Great modernized the ___________.
10 2 words - Louis XIV's nickname
13 England became a ___________, a republic government based on the common good for all it's people.
14 2 words - Henry XIII most trusted advisor who wanted to strengthen the monarchy by crushing the Huguenots
15 Ivan the Terrible even killed his own __________
16 3 words- signed in 1955, gave Germany the right to decide if they wanted to be Catholic or Protestant
17 3 words-War between the Hapsburgs and Protestants
18 3 words- Nickname for Ivan IV after he became paranoid of his advisers and his wife;s death
19 2 names- English Queen who brought Catholicism back to England.
23 3 words - Russian czar that want to reform the legal and educational system
28 When a country brings in 'elements of western culture'
29 Latin word for emperor
30 The War of Spanish Succession began when the Spanish ________ died.
1 3 words- declared Catholicism the official religion of France
2 Charles V declared Martin Luther an outlaw for teaching ___________.
3 2 words - Right to a fair trial
4 Treaty of _________, ended the Thirty Year's War and reduced the power of the Holy Roman Empire
5 strict Calvinists that demanded the Church of England to be further reformed.
6 named king as a young kid and had to depend on his mother to help govern his regime.
9 Treaty of _________, stated that France and Spain could not be ruled by the same monarch.
11 The Spanish __________ consisted of 130,000 ships and 20,000 ships
12 2 words - The reign of William III and Mary II
20 _____ was used as 16th century propaganda to back the Catholic faith.
21 French Calvinist Protestant who were a threat to the Catholic French monarchy
22 Thomas Hobbes writes the ______, which describes life as poor, nasty, brutish and short.
24 supports of Charles I who were mainly wealthy nobles that funded him during the English Civil War
25 1 word- Type of monarch whose power was not limited by having to consult nobles.
26 Charles V was bankrupt from ___________
27 2 words- Ruler who thought his power was God Given
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