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Evolution Crossword Puzzle

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7 closely related species will have fewer nucleutide differences
8 a new population starts with just a few individuals, over time rare traits can become common
10 the geographical distribution of species in relationship to the geologic past
11 two types
12 are traces or remains of living things from a previous geologic time
14 humans can contrive evolutuion
16 the disease that is resistant to isoniazid and rifampicin
17 random changes in allele frequency
18 the chronological appearance of fossils is compatile with the age of the rock
20 produces pecies that are sexually dimorphic
1 any organism or bacteria that evolves to be resistant to drugs or chemicals
2 phenotypes at both ends of therange and selected for over the intermediete forms
3 a chage in allele frequency in a population over time
4 variations of a gene
5 structures that are similar due to common ancestry
6 changes in allele frequency due to migration the physial flow of alleles between populations
9 the person most credited for natural selection
13 most individuals die
15 common ground
19 a heritable change in the nucleotide sequency of DNA
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