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Excel Terminology Crossword Puzzle

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Excel Terminology

              4           5            
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        13       14   15                  
Across Down
2 A rectangular grouping of two or more cells.
4 A box in which you enter your spreadsheet data.
5 Indicaters the location or name for the active cell.
6 A combination of column letter and row number of a cell.
9 Located directly below the ribbon and is used to enter or edit cell contents.
10 Contains cells used to create the worksheet.
11 Is a small black square appearing in the bottom right corner of a cell.
12 The computerized equivalent of a ledger, contains rows and columns of data.
13 Is the cell you are working in, the cell where information or data will be input.
1 Tell the user what sheets of workbook are available.
3 Is a computer application designed to build and manipulate spreadsheets.
6 Is designed by a column letter and a row number.
7 A horizontal group of cells
8 Is a file containing related worksheets.
14 Is a number that represents a quantity, an amount, a date, or time.
15 A vertical group of cells.
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