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Fairy Tales & Fables Crossword Puzzle

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Fairy Tales & Fables

Name the fairy tale or fable that matches each clue.

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Across Down
5 This female also has a Disney movie named after her. She lives in the sea with Ursula.
7 This fable is the one we used as an example in class
10 This is the general term to describe the main problem within your story.
12 This word is closely related to point of view and tells the story through a specific character's eyes.
13 This is the wife of the Giant (use the term from the movie)
14 This is the main character in Into the Woods
15 This is the name of the movie we saw in English class
16 This fairy tale involves a prince, a maid, and a glass slipper
17 This three-word fairy tale is the story that the movie Frozen is based off of
18 This female had seven dwarfs come to live with her and is also a Disney movie.
1 This fairy tale is named after the girl who is locked away in a tower
2 This is what we described in class as another word for 'adventure'. It was also a reading vocabulary word.
3 This word describes something that you must show in your own stories. Two examples of these would be love and jealousy.
4 This noun is in fairy tales and can involve potions and spells
5 This story/ character would be considered both a fairy tale and a fable and is in Into the Woods
6 This main character got greedy with the items he stole from the Giant
8 This is the general term for the male that often rescues his future princess
9 This general term needs to be established in the exposition. It often includes location, time, and lots of description.
11 This character had 'magic beans' stolen from her in Into the Woods
19 This character was the 'bad guy' in the fable that we showed as a class example
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