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Falconry Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 The action of rubbing the beak against a surface to clean it
6 A raptor's toe nail
7 Used to secure a bird to their perch or the falconer's glove
9 The leather cuffs that go around a bird's legs
10 Fake quarry used to train a bird
11 Attached to a bird so that we can hear them when we can't see them
12 Another name for a tidbit
13 A long line or cord attached to a bird while training
16 Leather head covering used on raptors
17 Small metal joint used between the leash and the jesses
19 The nasal openings
1 Leather or braided straps that thread through the anklets that allow a falconer to hold a bird securely
3 The unique part of a falcon's beak specialized for snapping the neck of their prey
4 The pouch-like part of the digestive system where food initially sits in a bird before the digestible parts pass into the stomach
5 The fleshy bit above a bird's beak
6 Radio systems that are used for tracking birds
8 The toe that faces backwards on most raptors and is usually used as the primary killing weapon
14 The process of shaping a bird's beak to keep it in nice shape (usually by filing it)
15 The large bone that the flight muscles are attached to
18 A young chick that is still covered in down
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