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Family Law Crossword Puzzle

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Family Law

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Across Down
3 having no binding effect or legal force, such as a marriage or a contract.
5 the person whose testimony is given under oath during a deposition.
8 / Award that is designed to ensure that housing, food, and clothing - the necessities of daily living - are available for a SPOUSE who is unable to earn an adequate living.
9 the total dissolving of a marriage.
10 Property that belongs solely to one party; includes property acquired by gift or inheritance.
12 Property owned jointly by married persons.
13 In a family law matter, the initial pleading filed by the petitioner; in family law will request a divorce, nullity of marriage, or legal separation.
15 The area of law that deals with family law issues such as divorce, custody, and support.
17 A person who records the testimony that takes place during the open court proceedings.
20 a request made to the court.
22 to determine whether an item is separate, community, or quasi-community property.
23 to give evidence at the deposition.
24 An agreement entered into before a couple marries; to often explains how to property belonging to each prospective spouse is to be characterized or distributed upon death or dissolution or divorce.
25 An emergency remedy of short duration granted after the judge is assured that immediate and irreparable damage will be incurred by the party applying for the order.
29 Another term for premarital agreement
33 An order granted by the court when a couple wish to live separately but do not wish to dissolve or terminate their marriage.
35 a written request for answers to questions, this discovery tool is used by the parties.
1 The immediate control and care of a minor
2 A document filed in a civil or criminal lawsuit that describes the allegations of the plaintiff and the basis for the lawsuit.
4 To serve from the trial; in family law, it means that the divorce or dissolution may be granted, but the parties will need to come back to court to adjudicate another issue
6 to propose or offer.
7 Property that would be considered community property if it had been acquired while the married couple was living in a community property state.
11 The settlement of disputes in a non adversarial manner.
14 The person who answers the petition.
16 A pretrial process of acquiring information.
18 Award that is designed to ensure that housing, food, and clothing - the necessities of daily living - are available for children or a spouse who is unable to earn an adequate living.
19 The pleading used by the defendant to respond to the plaintiff's complaint.
21 Having a defect that can be cured; If the defect is not cured, the marriage or contract can be nullified.
26 The dissolving or termination of a marriage; Some States such as California, no longer use the legal term divorce.
27 The testimony of a witness, giving under oath, outside the courtroom and taken before a court reporter.
28 The person who files a petition with the court.
30 to nullify something or make it void.
31 The document produced by the court reporter.
32 An informal, out-of-court dispute resolution process.
34 A marriage requests the court to find that the 'marriage' is null and void.
36 A person who, through education or experience, has special expertise or knowledge in a particular field.
37 To employ or engage the services of a person.
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