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Famous Writers Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Famous Writers

  M Y S T E R I E S              
      A         S         D      
  P U R I T A N I S M     E      
      L         N         S      
  P O E                   P      
D     T E L L T A L E H E A R T  
E     L                   I   H  
A   P E S S I M I S T S   R   E  
T     T             R         R  
H A W T H O R N E   A   W O M A N
      E             N         V  
S H E R L O C K     S         E  
                    C         N  
Across Down
1 a genre of literature
5 The religion of early America. Often cast in a bad light
6 A depressed writer. Died in a mysterious way
8 The short story in which the murderer is insane
10 The opposite of Optimists
12 A famous writer in the Romanticism time period. Changed his name
13 One of these character's topics. The perishing of a beautiful ______
14 The character patterned after one of these writer's short story's main character in the 'Purloined Letter'
2 The famous work attacking Puritans
3 Adam's Apple. The thing these writers stress in their poems and short stories.
4 When a person has no hope, this is what fills their hearts
7 The main topic with both of these writers. The wages of sin
9 'Nevermore'
11 a religious movement in America in which the human was glorified
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