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Fashion Crossword Puzzle

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                                      4 5       6
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Across Down
2 a piece of jewerly that you where around your neck
4 short pants that only reach the thigh or knee
7 a knitted jacket or shirt
8 a brand that sells sheep skin boots
9 weaved together strands of hair
11 glasses that sheild your eyes from the sun
12 pants made of blue cotton
14 a see thourgh material that has a design
15 a piece of jewerly that gos around your wrist
17 a brand that sell modern, rubber tenis shoes
19 a hair that has your hair in a ponytail then twisted up
21 a sandal made of plastic or ruber with a strap around you first and second toe
25 a strechy material that covers your legs
26 a skirt with shorts underneath
27 facial cosmetics
28 a formal attire for women and girls
1 an object that covers a human foot
3 a lightwieght jacket you wear over any tee shirt
5 foot wear with a raised heel
6 the bottom part of a dress
10 a top that us sleeveless
11 a loose long-sleeved pullover
13 a sleevesless jacket
16 a brand that sells flat shoes
18 a pattern in clothing that overlaps
20 a piece of jewelry that you wear tightly around your finger
22 a unique style
23 all of your hair pulled back into a section
24 a piece of jewerly that you wear around you ankle
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