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Father's Day Crossword Puzzle

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Father's Day

Things that remind me of Poppa/Dad

                1           2                  
    4                           5              
              6             7                  
  9     10                         11 12          
        13                     14                
              15           16                    
17         18       19               20            
                21                   22          
Across Down
3 Family camping location
4 Built from scratch
6 Where you sat on our flight to Italy
8 Where you carried me during the flood
11 When you do this it makes me smile
13 How much we love you
15 The phrase repeated over and over after knee surgery
17 Everything has to be a big
20 The car you taught me to drive
21 Gives the best
22 See clue above
23 What you couldn't figure out how to use after back surgery
1 I'm poppa ______
2 Known for being these
3 Slow car in the left passing lane
5 You don't know this from a hole in the ground
7 I consider you to be the human ____
9 Busier than a one armed paper
10 Used to always have in your mouth
12 What you can fix
14 Than a cat nine miles in gravel
16 Phrase used on the ring of fire
17 The word that best describes your when you are teaching or explaining
18 Hiding place during the 'missing' incident
19 Thumb in your bum and your mind in ___
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