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Fatty Legs Crossword Puzzle

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Fatty Legs

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Across Down
1 The raven treated Olemaun in a ___________ way, almost bullying her.
4 The hallways of Olemaun's school were _______________, they were dark and dull, not welcoming at all.
6 To discipline; especially by corpral punishment.
8 The wolf's ______________ was all Olemaun could see, just before her father shot it.
9 Olemaun was ______________ by Rosie, as she was reading 'Alice in Wonderland'.
10 the Women's Royal Naval Service: established in 1917 as an auxiliary to the Royal Navy.
11 to resound.
12 lying or extending across or in a cross direction; cross.
14 The girls were responsible for their __________ in school, they were checked for cleanliness.
15 Children getting off the schooners had ____________ looks on their faces as they knew they were going to school.
16 It was hard for Olemaun to ___________ what the nuns would sometimes say, if they spoke in English because it was not her native language.
1 The girl gave Olemaun a _______________ smile as she watched the Raven chop off her long braids.
2 Olemaun's father made a balloon out of the throat from this bird.
3 The frozen ice over the water ______________Olemaun's trip to school. They could not leave until the ice melted enough to get the boat through.
5 Olemaun was _____________ in asking her father for permission to attend school.
7 a transparent, light-blue or greenish-blue variety of beryl, used as a gem.
12 The bottoms of Olemaun's school stockings were very worn out, they were ____________.
13 Olemaun's Mother Hubbard Parka ______________ her body when she wore it as a shield from the cold.
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