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Fiber Optics Crossword Puzzle

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Fiber Optics

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Across Down
2 A type of cable consist of a single tightly buffered fiber
4 A device that measures the scattered reflected light returning from the pulse of transmitted light
5 What mode is used for long haul telecommunications
6 The portion that contains fiber optic transmission wavelengths
7 Unit that is use to measure power readings in optical fibers
9 When an atom has only one electron, it is a perfect?
11 One kind of cable consisting of electrical conductors and fiber
13 Composed of 12 fibers held together by a plastic tape
14 The fundamental unit of light and electromagnetic energy
15 When the light bounces off a medium, it is called
18 The process that includes quantizing, sampling and encoding
19 Cable containing Single mode and Multi mode fibers
20 It is the bending of light through the intersection of two medium
21 There are two most common types of light source used in fiber optic communication, one is laser diode and the one is?
25 The distance light travels to complete one cycle is called
28 Standard color for 62.5/125nm fiber cordage
29 It is the fiber optic communication common method of mudulation
30 Short for Synchronous Optical Network
1 How many different fibers does the standard fiber color codes accounts for
3 A device that converts a voice or data into a transmittable form
5 Cables that can handle high pressure and moisture associated with great depths
8 Fiber connector still being used on older systems
10 A non-breakout, tight buffered and used indoor is called
12 Reference guide that should always be available whenever chemicals and solvents are being used for splicing
16 The three components of optical fibers are core, jacket and
17 An atom that has eight valence electrons is a good
22 Cables used inside buildings and fire resistant are called
23 An analog sample rate must be atleast two times the highest frequency is called ____ sampling criteria
24 Standard color for 8.3/125nm fiber cordage
26 A coupler that provides no insertion loss
27 Cable ratings OFNG and OFCG, the G stands for
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