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Fiber Optics Crossword Puzzle

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Fiber Optics

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Across Down
3 Opposite of digital.
4 The interconnection of several component devices to form one or more paths.
6 The ability to store electrical charge when a potential difference is applied between conductors seperated by dielectrics.
8 The relative range of frequencies passed without distortion by a transmission.
9 Hundredths, 0.01.
11 A device for storing electrical energy in the form of voltage.
12 The decrease in power of a signal.
14 A pattern of binary digits used to represent information.
19 One of two possible conditions of a component.
23 Magnitued or strength of an electronic signal.
24 Consultative Committee on International Telegraphy and Telephony.
25 In cellular mobile telephony, the geographic area served by one transmitter.
26 A numbering system based on the digits 0 and 1.
27 An assembly of one or more conductors insulated from each other.
1 A measurement of data speed over an analog channel.
2 An acronym for the functions that must be performed in the CO when digital voice transmission occurs.
5 Unit of electric current or rate of flow of electricity.
6 The switching equipment that provides local exchange telephone service for a given geographical area.
7 The American Standard Code for Information.
9 An electronic communications path.
10 A collection of hundreds or thousands of transistors to form integrated circits.
13 A technique for sending information as patterns of amplitude variations of carrier.
14 The smallest unit of measurement in computer language.
15 Mutiplexing 8-bit PCM words from each channel; sent to the T1 line.
16 Added to the bit stream to mark the beginning of each time.
17 A unit of information made up of eight bits.
18 The unit for measuring electric current.
20 The rate of current flow in a circuit expressed in amperes.
21 A device that converts chemical, solar or other energy into electrical energy.
22 Having both positive and negative polarity.
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