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Film Grammer Crossword Puzzle

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Film Grammer

          12     13                                  
              14   15                                
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Across Down
6 used to show how big a world is, create a sense of scale or make details difficult to see
7 shot by placing your camera above the subject and pointing downward
8 framing technique used by dividing frame into equal thirds and placing the subject at one of the four intersection points
10 how the camera moves in relation to the characters and the action
11 putting your main subjects right in the middle to establish a feeling of stability or neutrality
13 camera shot that is very close to punctuate an emotional moment or story point
15 camera shot that is personal and close enough to establish emotion and conversation
16 shots taken with a moving camera
21 dynamic shot where the camera follows a particular subject as it moves within the environment
22 shots taken using a fixed position and direction throughout the entire shot
1 smaller ideas that collectively make up each scene
2 key moments in the story
3 collection of scenes that make up a major beat
4 the part of the story that takes place at a particular time and location where our character learns something new to carry them forward in the story
5 shot by tilting the camera to get a diagonal view of the scene
6 shot framed very tightly around the subject to feel intense emotion
9 the positions of the characters in the scene and where the action occurs
12 the part of the scene you see through the camera’s lens and from what perspective
14 dynamic shot where you push into or pull back from the action within a frame
17 shot by placing your camera down low and pointing it upward
18 dynamic shot where the camera rotates either horizontally or vertically to reveal addition information
19 camera shot staged by placing the camera far away from your characters to give a broad perspective and understanding of a new location; also called “establishing shots”
20 dynamic shot where the camera moves parallel to the ground, as if moving on tracks
22 a visual representation of a character’s action in time
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