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Film Set Crossword Puzzle

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Film Set

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Across Down
4 The sound recordist manages the sound. They use a ...
5 This person shoots the scenes.
7 The actors that are not the stars of the film but who have an important part have a....
10 The person who replaces the actors in the dangerous scenes is the ....
11 The start of a take is signalled with a ...
12 This person does the actor's make-up
13 This person styles the actor's hair
14 The person who has the most important part stars in the ...
16 The person who writes the movie script is the ...
1 The person in charge of the objects on the set
2 The person in charge of telling the actors what to do is the ....
3 The person responsible for the financial and managerial aspects of the film
5 This person designs the costumes.
6 The team of people on the set are the ...
8 This person takes messages between the people on the set.
9 People we see in the film but who don't speak are the ...
15 The objects on the set
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