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Final Exam Crossword Puzzle

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Final Exam

                                    2   3    
                    4             5          
11       12                                    
      14                             15        
  17           18       19             20        
Across Down
4 to go or come before
5 to appear out from behind something
7 something that is puzzling or confusing
8 becoming successfully larger, stronger or more effective
10 having more than one possible meaning
11 a moveable joint of metal or plastic
13 to abolish
14 to leave somebody or something behind
18 very friendly or sociable
20 to surrender or give up something
21 frail or delicate
22 unable or unwilling to do anything useful
23 difficult to find or catch
24 to communicate or express something verbally
1 having no trees or other growing plants
2 friendly
3 inclined to do or be affected by something
6 relaxed, lack of concern
9 an absolute ruler who exercises power cruelly and unjustly
12 to give concrete form to an idea
15 difficult or impossible to understand
16 future generations
17 starting and stopping irregularly
18 something that encourages
19 the highest point of perfection
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