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Financial Accounts Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Financial Accounts

Revision of Key terms

          N                     E      
  C U R R E N T A S S E T       X      
          T                     P      
G R O S S P R O F I T           E      
          R                     N      
        C O S T S O F G O O D S S O L D
          F                     E      
        L I A B I L I T I E S   S      
          F I X E D A S S E T          
          R E T A I N E D P R O F I T  
          E                         A  
        D I V I D E N D S           X  
  A S S E T S                          
      W O R K I N G C A P I T A L      
          S A L E S R E V E N U E      
Across Down
3 Possessions of an organization intended to be liquidated (turned into cash) within twelve months
4 The profit from a firmís everyday trading activities. It is calculated by the formula: Sales revenue Ė Cost of goods sold.
5 A firm's direct costs of production
6 Debts of a business
7 Long-term asset
8 Any funds left over from net profits (after interest and tax) that is not paid to shareholders is kept within the business for its own use.
10 The payments from a companyís net profit (after interest and tax) paid to the shareholders (owners) of the business.
11 Possessions of a business with a monetary value
12 Money that a firm has for its daily operations.
13 The money an organization earns from selling goods and services.
1 Section of the P&L shows the value of a firmís profit (or loss) before deducting interest payments on loans and taxes on corporate profits.
2 A firmís indirect costs of production
9 The compulsory deductions paid to the government as a proportion of a firmís profits.
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